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Nick Jones is a Transmedia Producer and Internationally recognized Narrative Designer. As the lead writer for the award winning MMORPG "Path of Exile," Nick is credited to both the ten act story The Fall of Oriath and the expansions: War for the Atlas and Bestiary League.

Nick has also developed in its entirety, the lore and story of OrbusVR and OrbusVR: Reborn  a first-of-its-kind VRMMORPG for the HTC-Vive and the Oculus Rift.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a Masters in English/New Media from The Auckland University of Technology, Nick is an expert in the construction of narratives, screenwriting and world building. He has collaborated on projects across the mediums of gaming, film, TV, immersive theater and business.

With systems in place to work remotely, and offering everything from story consultation to leading or working with a team of writers on undertakings of any size, Nick believes that in today's technology driven world, content remains king. And no matter how non-linear the nature of your story is, it can be developed in a fully realized, multifaceted way through the use of world-building and jigsaw storytelling.



Nick Jones, Narrative Designer

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Latest Articles

Queering Up Your Games: The How and Why

24 May 2019

This week, I do I bit of a sharp turn and talk primarily about LGBTQI (and a little PoC) representation within game content. I discuss what the issue is, why it is an issue and how we can develop complex minority characters through subtle layering of dialogue. This piece builds on a section from my 2017 Masters Thesis: "Story Meets Storyworld"

Speak Up! Creating Meaningful Characters Through Dialogue

14 May 2019

The Holy Grail of Narrative Design is to create powerful characters that players empathize with and will even cry over. Perhaps the strongest way to do this is through great dialogue. Why? Because dialogue is the primary way that we as people come to understand those around us. The same is true for video games. Here I discuss key concepts and the tools I use in my own work.