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Nick Jones is a Transmedia Producer, internationally recognized Narrative Designer, and an expert in the construction of interactive narratives and non-linear world building.

He has collaborated on projects across the mediums of gaming, film, TV and immersive theatre.

As an academic at the Auckland University of Technology, Nick pioneered New Zealand’s first tertiary level paper on Interactive Narrative Design and is now a PhD Researcher developing his doctorate thesis on the use of folkloric motifs in transmedia franchise narrative design.

Nick is also the Co-founder and Creative Director of Thornwood Parfum, a transmediated fine fragrance brand that tells the story of a mysterious sentient forest and an ancient civilization that was lost within it. Thornwood's first line of fragrances are due to be released alongside story components in late 2021.







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Latest Articles

The Player and the Pentacle - Pre-Order Kindle Edition Now!

  • 14 January 2022

I'm excited to finally announce that my upcoming book, "The Player and the Pentacle is now available for pre-order on Kindle! Join me as we explore how the folklore of our ancestors can strengthen both your narrative and game design. This book is the culmination of my PhD research, and is a must-read for creatives working in video games, transmedia, and other storytelling industries!

Doppelgängers and Shadows: Exploring the Power of the Inverted Foil in Narrative Design

  • 23 December 2021

In this article, from my upcoming book "The Player and the Pentacle: Folkloric Motifs for Narrative Design," I trace the concepts of the Shadow and Doppelgänger from their folkloric origins to their modern day literary uses, showing how as complimentary design tools, these archetypes can foster a more interesting approach to both character and plot in traditional and interactive stories.